Tech Deal Alert 🚨! May has a lot of great tech deals still running, so you don’t need to miss out on the savings! We have created a list with the most popular deals of May. Get them before they expire!

10. Content Studio | Trending Content Engine

Find and share trending content before its trending with ContentStudio

👉 $39 for Lifetime Access

💰 Value $720

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9. [Sold Out] ZoPush | Smart Browser Push Notifications

ZoPush is one of the most Advanced Browser Push Notification Tools available. Get all features at a never-seen-before cost!

👉 $199 for Lifetime Access

💰 Value $5789+

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8. Advanced Chatbot Builder is an interactive chatbot for lead generation. Schedule meetings, gather emails and score leads on custom variables, fully automated.

👉 Lifetime 25% off any plan

💰 Value $621+

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7. [Sold Out] | Add a CTA to every link 

Sniply let’s you add a call-to-action to every link you share. Yes, even external links. Add buttons, images, retargeting pixels and more.

👉 3 months for free

💰 Value $879+

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6. Autoklose | Sales Automation

Automate the sales process in minutes with Autoklose

👉$49 for Lifetime License

💰 Value $1080

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5. | Reports Generator tracks data and generates reports within minutes

👉 $49 for Lifetime Access

💰 Value $1845+

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4. Dux-Soup | #1 Linkedin Growth Hack 

Dux-Soup is the number one Linkedin Growth Hacking tool. Bulk search, filter,
auto visit, send InMails and download enriched lead lists.

👉 $99 for 12-month Professional License

💰 Value $972

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3. Botletter | #1 Linkedin Growth Hack 

Botletter turns Facebook Messenger into your new favorite outreach tool

👉 $49 for Lifetime License

💰 Value $2463

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2. Viral Loops | Viral Campaign Builder 

Viral Loops is a revolutionary template-based viral campaign builder for growth hackers.

👉 Lifetime 20% off any plan

💰 Value $1845+

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1. Phantombuster | #1 Growth Hacking Tool of 2018 

Phantombuster lets you create your own growth engine. Find and enrich data of your target audience. Automate LinkedIn, find Facebook profiles, collect Twitter info, get data from Quora, Medium, AngelList and more!

👉 25% off any plan for 12 months

💰 Value $2697

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Tom van den Heuvel

Tom van den Heuvel

I'm a passionate Growth Hacker and full-time Marketing Manager for one of the fastest growing European Tech companies. I love to find the best growth hacking resources, deals, events, books and share these with you🚀

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