[Expired] HelpCrunch Live Chat 2.0

95% off: $49 for lifetime

HelpCrunch reinvented the live chat to make it a more flexible and intelligent platform for all your customer communication

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    •  14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Since switching to Helpcrunch, we've noticed a much higher conversion rate and happier customers

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No More Broken Customer Sessions

Send instant replies to a customer query or reply later within the same thread. Your customers no longer need to stay online and wait for your response. The message will be delivered right in the live chat even if the session is disconnected or dropped.

Save Money Closing More Cases

HelpCrunch automatically collects personal and behavioral customer data. With the ability to access the history of the customer’s journey in the chat, a single HelpCrunch agent can effectively serve many customers simultaneously.

Deep Integration With Your Product

Integrate User Authentication Mode with your login system so that all your registered customers automatically appear in your HelpCrunch account. Send your own custom user attributes to HelpCrunch to create business-specific filters and apply them to set up targeted marketing and feedback collection campaigns.

Send Proactive & Targeted Auto Messages and Grow Your Customer Base

Send proactive invitations that automatically encourage newcomers to start talking to you via the live chat.
HelpCrunch collects visitor’s personal and behavioral data and automatically triggers an auto message to visitor’s chat based on the rules you can configure in minutes.

Multiple Brands in One Support Environment

Running several websites, iOS or Android apps?
You can add them all to the same HelpCrunch account in order to provide a centralized customer support across different websites or apps.

Full Chat History

See the full chat history with any given customer within the same thread.

Pre-Chat Form

Gather visitor information, such as name, email address, company and more

Live Visitor Profiles

Gain deep insights into individual customer profiles and see the complete picture of your audience.

Saved Responses

Respond faster with pre-made answers to common questions.

Chat Tags

Use tags to prioritize customer queries.

Offline Mode & Greeting

With offline mode you can change all chat widget texts when your team is away.

File Sharing

Share PDFs, images, videos and more. Directly in the live chat.


Receive notifications via Slack, and integrate with WordPress, Google Analytics and more

iOS and Android support

Have an app? Integrate it with HelpCrunch for a centralized support system.


Average increase in conversions


Average Increase in Efficiency

What’s included in the HelpCrunch Lifetime deal?

Save 95% and pay $49 for a lifetime license for HelpCrunch Livechat 2.0

HelpCrunch Lifetime Deal


14-Day Money Back Guarantee
4.5/5 124 ratings
    • Unlimited chat auto messages
    • Advanced chat customization
    • Unlimited domains
    • Up to 3 brands/widgets
    • 1 agent included (stackable to more)
    • Live chat support
    • File sharing
    • Operation hours
    • Saved responses
    • Pre-chat forms
    • Chat ratings
    • Localization
    • Custom CSS styling
    • Reports
    • User Authentication Mode
    • JS and REST API
    • HelpCrunch Android/iOS App
    • Integrations (WordPress, Magento, Slack, GA etc.)

How do I activate the Lifetime License?

After purchasing you will get a unique license code in your mailbox. Create a free account for HelpCrunch and send your license code to HelpCrunch via their live chat and your free account will be transferred to a LTD account asap.

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

No worries: We offer a hassle free 14-day money back guarantee!

Where can I find more information about HelpCrunch?

Feel free to check all the information on their website

Can I stack multiple HelpCrunch deals?

Yes! Feel free to purchase as many deals as you want. If you purchase 3 licenses, you will get access for 3 agents. If you purchase 10 licenses, you will get lifetime access for 10 agents and so on.

What is the full overview of features included in the HelpCrunch Lifetime Deal?

1 agent, unlimited chat auto messages, advanced chat customization, unlimited domains, up to 3 brands / widgets, live chat support, file sharing, operating hours, saved responses, departments, pre-chat and offline forms, chat ratings, typing insights, chat transfers, roles and permissions, localizations, chat transcripts, custom CSS styling, multiple sites, reports, contacts import/export, visitor/user info, visitor/user blocking, User Authentication Mode, tags and statuses, JS and REST API, iOS/Android SDK, iOS/Android apps to reply on the go, Integrations (WordPress, Magento, Slack, GA etc.)

Will I get access to future updates of HelpCrunch Live Chat 2.0?

Yes, you will get access to future updates of the features that are included in this LTD HelpCrunch live chat 2.0 with integrated helpdesk plan. Please note that new features not directly linked to the Live chat 2.0 features, such as integrations or a knowledge base are not going to be included in an update for LTD buyers.